World of tanks game

World of tanks game

Best I had without dying in one game was 26 in the Bf 109 F4 (good old cannon pod days) and the I 301. However, is much less mobile than its predecessors, and plays at a higher tier.

In the world of instadeath and MLG sniper head shot montages, WoT is that quiet place in the corner where everyone is watching world at war on the iPhones.

INnoVation lost on Echo to an Adept all-in and his 5-rax bio-heavy build was countered by Stats’s defensive robo build on Whirlwind, marking the end of his run in GSL Season 1.

Get dangerously close for a brutal kill.

Currently, we dedicate one evening to Normal run for gear sake, and progress through HC (8 dead) the other day.

They have great damage mitigation vs.

world of tanks game