Top 10 online games in the philippines 2018

Top 10 online games in the philippines 2018

It might not compete with the budgets of competitors Forza and Gran Turismo, but for an authentic experience and absurdly deep career mode, Project Cars 2 is every bit their equal. Practice your skills offline by playing through the single player campaign, or set up a game against up to seven computer controlled AI bots.

top 10 online games in the philippines 2018

If you are a fan of House of Cards, you might remember President Frank Underwood claiming that he is addicted to this game. Get your dose of Daily Sudoku and solve the daily challenging sudoku puzzle! Spaceman Max is back to his second adventure on another planet. I see them every few months now. Dynamons Evolution is an addictive, FREE-to-play match-3 game with awesome creature-collecting and gripping RPG elements.

Top 10 online games 2018 pc philippines

While it makes sense that this would be a game first relegated to those on consoles, PC or Mac, mobile users should be ecstatic for their opportunity to romp through this game.

This is a 52-card trick taking game similar to Hearts, Bridge and Euchre.

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A good party game.

Somewhat A trial version with incomplete details is available for users who want to get to know the game first. Creating incredible goals with a Subbuteo-style glide of your finger is far more fun than it has any right to be, but the team behind Score!