League of legends update

League of legends update

Your phone thirsts for battle!

Though e-sports were around for about a decade before Riot Games was born, no company has jumped in with the same intensity. Enhance your Logitech RGB keyboard experience with the official Logitech LED app for League of LegendsFind out your strengths and weaknesses, get personalized advice, summoner stats, and insights on your opponents in League of Legends.

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In this genre, there are several key people who stand apart from others in terms of developing the scene surrounding the games:League of Legends has a competitive scene that is largely subsidized by Riot Games.

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By the Fall of 2016, Riot reported over 100 million unique players will play League in a given month.

What is your advice for those hopeful players trying to go pro?

Merrill got to know each other through gaming circles while attending rival private high schools in the Los Angeles area.