Fifa 18 4k pc

Fifa 18 4k pc

Fifa 18 pc

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That scream card I pulled yesterday is going off on the market right about now and I can’t see what it makes until I get home as EA didn’t include us in the app (I guess I could have brought my switch to work lol)Managed to lose a squad battle game 3-2 in ET. The most important FIFA 18 The Journey 2: Hunter Returns New features can be read here. I wouldn’t upgrade to Ramos, he’s relatively short and weak for a CB, and he has a High Attacking workrate versus Medium Defense workrate which means he wants to go forward all the time and leave a gap at the back. I also bought Mustafi (3k for my Arsenal chem link) and Lichtensteiner (under 2k) to get the team right. Building your own unique team and making them successful is the most pleasurable part of playing FIFA Ultimate Team.

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fifa 18 4k pc