Dota 1 2 hero comparison

Dota 1 2 hero comparison

Dota 2 bonus hero

Will the impressive Valve breathe new life into Dota, or has Riot Games taken the crown as the best Dota-like out there?

Swapped order of Ancient Black Dragon abilities (Dragonhide Aura is now 3rd)Relevant for Doom.

At the highest levels of play, games can be won or lost even before the creeps spawn.

Yep, that sounds pretty rad.

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Dota 2 hero counters

In time, I fully expect others to come to appreciate that. While professional level dota-like players have been known to blow off steam with Awesomenauts, Smite, or other more casual titles, the more complex titles require so much head space and muscle memory that you play worse if you jump between games.